1. First print for Word & Image course.


  2. "… every corner in a house, every angle in a room, every inch of secluded space in which we like to hide, or withdraw into ourselves, is a symbol of solitude for the imagination…. An imaginary room rises up around our body, which we think well hidden when we take refuge in a corner."
    — Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space
  3. Selbstporträt, September 2014

    Christian Villacillo

  4. Mishima: Movement V - Blood Oath

    Dublin Guitar Quartet

    Philip Glass


  5. String Quartet No. 3 “Mishima”: IV. 1962: Body Building

    Brooklyn Rider

    Philip Glass

  6. Alles wird gut.

    Selbstporträt, Mai 2014

    Christian Villacillo


  7. Planning to go to the 2015 Southern Graphics Council International Printmaking Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee with my mentor, Robin Smith-Peck.

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  8. Where_Have_All_My_Files_Gone?



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  9. "You wouldn’t believe how much harder it’s getting for me to just leave my studio. It’s really sad. In fact these days the only thing that gets me outside is when I say: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."
    — Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves
  10. Re-reading Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.


  11. I am an island boy that has been landlocked far too long. My soul longs for the oceanside, the wide and sweeping oceanscape, the breeze…

  12. House with Changing Parts, I

    lithograph with chine-collé, 30x22”, Edition of 5 and 1 Artist Proof, 2014

    Christian Villacillo


  13. "I would like to say to those who think of my pictures as serene, whether on friendship or mere observation, that I have imprisoned the most utter violence in every inch of their surface."
    — Mark Rothko
  14. A buoyant structure, free, afloat, and adrift

    hard ground and soft ground etching with aquatint, 40x29”, 2013

    Christian Villacillo


  15. "Die Bilder sind zwar veranschaulichte Idee oder bildgewordene, und die Idee soll auch ablesbar sein, sowohl im Einzelbild wie im Zusammenhang, was natürlich voraussetzt, dass über Idee und Kontext sprachlich informiert wird. Das heißt aber nicht, dass sie als Illustration einer Idee fungieren, sondern die Bilder sind letztlich die Idee selbst; die sprachliche Formulierung der Idee ist auch keine Übersetzung vom Bildnerischen, sondern hat lediglich eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit mit der Meinung der Idee, ist Interpretation, wörtlich genommen Nachdenken.

    Pictures are the idea in visual or pictorial form; and the idea has to be legible, both in the individual picture and in the collective context – which presupposes, of course, that words are used to convey information about the idea and the context. However, none of this means that pictures function as illustrations of an idea: ultimately, they are the idea. Nor is the verbal formulation of the idea a translation of the visual: it simply bears a certain resemblance to the meaning of the idea. It is an interpretation, literally a reflection."
    — Gerhard Richter, Brief an Jean-Christophe Ammann (From a letter to Jean-Christophe Ammann), February 1973

    (Source: gerhard-richter.com)